Arolla Piano co is a collective of piano technicians committed to both the pursuit of mastery and providing memorably excellent service.

Founded in Brooklyn in 2015 by Registered Piano Technician Isaac Wynn, our business has grown from a one man operation to a team of technicians and an Apprenticeship Program based on real-world experience combined with hands-on training and guided professional development.

We have worked hard to develop an undeniable track record of quality service, earn a devoted clientele, and have expanded to become the first multi-regional home piano service provider with branches in New York City and Tucson.

We are proud to be the official piano service providers of Brooklyn Music School, a valuable relationship wherein our Apprentices gain a special opportunity to work on a variety of instruments and serve the community, while the school’s staff and students benefit from regular piano service via our team of technicians.

Our friendly team of dedicated piano technicians is uniquely structured to offer a variety of services and price points to ensure every client finds the perfect fit. Through the professional development facilitated by the Arolla Piano Collective, we complement our outward focus on serving pianos and the people who love them with an internal dedication to the ongoing development of our craft and the humbling satisfaction of the pursuit of mastery.

What’s in a name?

Known as the “Queen of the Alps,” Arolla Pines soar majestically throughout the mountains of Switzerland. Arolla wood is sought after by carpenters for its distinctive sweet fragrance, which it exudes even hundreds of years after harvesting. Tradition has long attributed healing powers to the pine, and modern science has proven Arolla sap to have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

Company founder Isaac Wynn is third generation Swiss/Welsh, and selected our name for this resonance of tradition, heritage, and the fine craftsmanship for which the Swiss are famous. The Arolla pine’s unique representation of longevity and abundance, and the universal associations of pine trees with rebirth and strength, are powerful symbols that inspire us to continue growing and building a high quality company our members and clients can all be proud of.

As the pine reaches its roots deep and boughs high, Arolla Piano Co will continue to grow and prosper that we may share our passion for bringing out the harmony in every piano we touch - and, we hope, in humanity, through the miraculous gift of music.